Afrigator, The Popular Social Media Platform of South Africa

An African social media aggregator that was established in 2007, Afrigator, was found in the golden age of blogging and at its summit the site indexed thousands of videos, podcasts and African websites.

South Africa’s Charl Norman has a in-depth review of Afrigator, which as of the morning my time was towards the top of Africa’s Digg-like news site that is societal Muti. Norman was a tremendous help in composing this post. These days on Social media, Showbox is getting famous and people are loving it. said in a blog article that, Here at ReadWriteWeb we’re enormous supporters of programmers working outside the US. Afrigator is a particularly well executed example of the sort of service that market or any area could use to filter and aggregate the growing amount of social media sources all over the world. This can be a job worth spreading the word about.

In September 2008 the Naspers division MIH Print Africa got a majority position in Afrigator which developed the Afrigator platform and brought added financing. On the other hand, the relationship failed to survive, and their shares were bought back by the owners of Afrigator at a later period.

Afrigator additionally ran an advertising network (Adgator) started in 2008 which helped African websites to monetise their traffic through a service just like Google Adsense.

  1. Afrigator is nevertheless not the only ‘Web 2.0’ startup which didn’t survive. An African bookmarking site just like Digg and Reddit, muti, shifted into an internet directory lately.
  2. Fully independent, non-associated and unfunded. We’re making it because we needed this functionality ourselves and love making col things.
  3. An effort to collect together index or a good representation of most of Africa’s digital citizen’s publications.
  4. Interrogate and a means to penetrate the enormous amounts of high quality content being made by Africans every second.

Despite receiving numerous accolades globally and locally, Muti neglected to bring.